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Our services

Designed to meet your requirements, the services we recommend will be fully explained and priced as part of our initial assessment. Your personalised care plan will be delivered by a senior specialist with extensive experience within both the NHS and independent healthcare sectors.

Psychiatric service

All our interventions follow nationally or internationally recognised best practice and include appropriate medication and psychological therapies. We provide specialist assessment and therapies for the full range of stress related & psychiatric conditions including:

 Psychological service

Therapies offered include planned short and long term psychological interventions, with all programmes agreed in advance. Specialist assessment and therapies cover a wide spectrum of psychological conditions including:

Substance misuse service

Specialist assessment and therapies for full range of substance misuse disorders:

Interventions will require clear agreements on withdrawal and behavioural change with support provided. A range of therapies are used including prescribed alternatives, medicines, psychological interventions and other agency support.

Eating disorders & Obesity

Specialist assessment & therapies for all types of eating disorders and obesity, including:

anorexia nervosa

bulimia nervosa

atypical eating problems

We draw on a range of best practice approaches to assess & manage these conditions using leading experts in the field. A range of therapies are used, including psychological interventions, dietetic guidance and medicines

Organisational consultancy

Specialist diagnostics & consultancy to support organisations in the corporate & professional sectors, optimising strategic & operational approaches to the psychological health of employees. Services include:

stress management policy

psychological productivity initiatives

evaluation of line management applications such as emotional intelligence & psychological awareness training.

group performance development

Prices for all services will be provided on request following the initial confidential call by a director


Specialist reporting

Specialist assessment & reporting for medico-legal or occupational mental health cases requiring psychiatric, psychological or substance misuse evaluations.

Reporting will require at least one direct assessment of the client and may require access to health & other documents.

We operate a fully confidential service and can provide this service as an ad hoc arrangement or through a standing account (where discounts apply).

Performance coaching

Specialist assessment and coaching sessions provided by director-level coaches with experience of integrating performance coaching with psychiatric and psychological conditions. Scenarios for this service include:

sub-optimal professional performance

challenges with colleagues

challenges with work-life balance

career development and wider leadership challenges